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An Exciting and Hopeful Trip to the Hill: Advocating for Conservative Values in D.C.

Hey there, fellow California conservatives! I recently had the incredible opportunity to represent the Republican Women of California Point Loma (RWCPL) during a whirlwind visit to Washington D.C., and let me tell you—it was a trip filled with inspiration, advocacy, and hope for the future.

The journey began with a special interview conducted by my friend Tommy Marquez, President and CEO of Tommy Marquez Consulting, and former District Director for Congressman Hunter, with none other than Dr. Paul Lawrence, the former Undersecretary of the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) during the Trump Administration. Dr. Lawrence's insights into veterans' benefits via his book "Veterans Benefits for You" and his dedication to serving our nation's heroes were truly enlightening.

Afterward, I had the pleasure of sitting down for lunch with Dr. Lawrence, where we discussed the impactful improvements he made to the VA healthcare system and his experiences during the challenging times of COVID-19. It was incredible to see firsthand how leaders like Dr. Lawrence are advocating for our veterans and their families.

The day continued with an exciting evening event at the Capitol Hill Club for Carolina's Night, where I had the honor of mingling with influential Republican delegates including Congressman Ryan Zinke, Congressman Ralph Norman, and Congresswoman Nancy Mace. The atmosphere was buzzing with energy, especially after South Carolina's thrilling NCAA women's championship win!

Meeting Congresswoman Mace was a highlight for me. Her outspoken advocacy for women's achievements and her resilience in the face of tough reelection challenges truly inspired me. It's clear that we need more leaders like her who fight tirelessly to protect our successes from being undermined.

To cap off my visit, I had a productive meeting with Congressman Issa's staff at the Capitol, discussing our California struggles and our ongoing fight for constitutional rights as well as maritime security.

Reflecting on this experience, I'm filled with excitement for what lies ahead. Imagine if we could organize a trip like this for our RWCPL members! Advocating for women's rights and conservative values on Capitol Hill—now that's something I'd love to see us pursue.

This trip was a reminder of the impact we can make when we come together as passionate conservatives. Let's keep pushing forward, fighting for our beliefs, and shaping a brighter future for California and our nation.

Stay tuned, because it sounds like RWCPL might just be headed back to the Hill later this year.

Together, let's continue the good fight!

Until next time,

Ashleigh Conaway

Co-President, Republican Women of California Point Loma

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