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Our Work

At Republican Women of California - Point Loma, we are dedicated to advocating for our community and advancing our conservative values through active engagement and participation. Here are some of the ways we work to make a difference:

RWCPL members signing postcards


Legislative Advocacy

We engage in legislative advocacy by organizing parties to create and send mailers or make calls to legislators, ensuring that our voices are heard on key issues.


Community Outreach

We host informative sessions with organizations like "Save Point Loma" and "NO, on SB10", organizing rallies and community gatherings, providing opportunities for dialogue and collaboration on local concerns.

no on sb-10 rally
Republican headquarters calling event


Campaign Support

We actively support Republican candidates by hosting mailer parties, canvassing neighborhoods, and registering citizens to vote, empowering our community to participate in the democratic process.


Educational Meetings

Our monthly meetings feature guest speakers who educate our members on important issues, fostering informed discussions and promoting civic engagement.

Keri Lake on stage speaking at event
Point loma  members collecting signatures image


Ballot Measure Support

We collect signatures for important ballot measures that align with our values and advocate for their passage.


Policy Engagement

We attend city council and county meetings to voice our concerns, support favorable legislation, and ensure that our community's interests are represented.

city of san diego speaking engagement pesident
Congressman Ryan Zinke with 2024 president


Advocating with Elected Officials

We meet with elected officials at every level to advocate for policies and initiatives that promote conservative values. We aim to influence decision-makers to prioritize conservative values and create positive change.

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