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Policy Priorities: San Diego

As we focus on the challenges and priorities facing our local community in San Diego, we recognize the importance of promoting policies that uphold our values and protect our citizens' rights. While the national landscape influences our direction, our mission is to advocate for policies at the local level that restore self-governance, uphold individual liberties, and defend our unique San Diego identity.

Education: Empowering parents with choices in education is crucial. We advocate for educational policies that prioritize parental rights and provide opportunities for diverse educational paths that best serve our children's needs and future success.

Borders and Crime: Securing our borders and addressing crime are paramount to ensuring public safety and upholding the rule of law. We support measures that strengthen border security and reduce crime rates to protect all residents of San Diego.

Election Integrity: Ensuring free and fair elections is fundamental to our democracy. We advocate for election policies that uphold integrity, transparency, and accountability in the electoral process at the local level.

Regulations and Spending: Reversing the growth of regulations and unnecessary spending is vital for economic freedom and prosperity. We advocate for policies that promote fiscal responsibility and reduce burdensome regulations on businesses and individuals in San Diego.

Life and Family: Protecting unborn life and supporting family formation are values deeply cherished in our community. We advocate for policies that protect the sanctity of life and strengthen families, recognizing the importance of these foundational principles for a thriving San Diego.

Additionally, we recognize the importance of addressing challenges to women's rights, particularly concerning language and terminology that may erode the dignity and identity of women. We stand against efforts to replace biological terms with ambiguous and exclusionary language that undermines the rights and experiences of women, promoting clarity and respect in our public discourse.

As we engage in this second American Revolution at the local level, we invite all San Diegans who share our vision of a free, prosperous, and just community to join us in advocating for policies that honor our heritage, defend our principles, and uphold the values that make San Diego a beacon of opportunity and liberty. Together, we can ensure that our local policies align with the principles of limited government, individual liberty, and self-governance, securing a brighter future for generations to come.

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